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Discretionary Investment Management Service

If you open a Discretionary Investment Management Portfolio with us on behalf of your client, we create an individual portfolio tailored to their appetite for risk and investment objectives, whether their primary objective is total return or if they are looking for an income focus.  When our discretionary managers build your client's portfolio, they apply the output from our dedicated investment team in a disciplined manner to make sure your client benefits from the successful investment philosophy and process developed by the team.

Add real value

For most investors, growing their portfolio value in real terms is the most important benchmark. Our aim is to add real value to your client's investment over the long term with the target level over inflation dictated by the level of risk they are prepared to take in their portfolio. To help your client monitor performance, we also compare returns against relevant index-based benchmarks.

Capital Gains Tax Management

Tax mitigation strategies can be agreed between your client and their manager and applied to specific portfolios. (Note: Cornelian are not tax advisers and your client should seek specialist tax advice before implementing any strategy)

Portfolio Diversification

Our portfolios generally hold around fifty underlying investments, including direct UK equity holdings as well as OEICs, Investment Trusts, gilts, bonds or ETFs. This diversification reduces stock specific risk within your client's portfolio. It also reduces the volatility of returns through the use of a variety of asset classes and investment in other geographical regions.

Investment Restrictions

Your client may impose investment restrictions on certain stocks or sectors depending on their requirements. We can also retain specific holdings for capital gains tax or other reasons subject to discussion with your Cornelian manager.

What we offer your client:

  • Dedicated manager and named deputy
  • Regular meetings with their manager
  • Detailed periodic reports including performance commentary, reasons behind changes to their portfolio and the performance of underlying holdings
  • Regular meetings
  • Year-end tax report 
  • Access to our dedicated online system ClientZone which gives your client, and you, if required, full details of their portfolio including portfolio valuation (previous day’s closing price), periodic reports and other relevant documents

Meet the teams

Find out more about our Investment Managers within the Private Client & Charities Team, as well as the background of our experienced Investment Team.

Meet the teams

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss your client's requirements with us or if you would like to find out more about our services either with your client in person at a meeting or on the phone please contact a member of our Private Client Team.

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