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Managing Risk

Expected volatility

The level of risk that we can take is different in each portfolio. Our primary method to control risk is to manage the 'expected volatility' of each portfolio. We calculate this by taking account of the expected volatility in each of the major asset classes that we use (based on their historical volatility) to come to an overall expected volatility.

Constant Risk Monitoring

Each time we make an investment decision and also at least once a month we use a specialist company (Morningstar) to run volatility calculations on each portfolio to ensure that they remain at an appropriate risk level.

Active Risk Management

Our investment team evaluates the economic, investment and other risks being taken within your portfolio.  Many of the investments within portfolios have been selected on the basis of their specific investment credentials but have also been selected with the objective of mitigating the impact of identified individual risks.

Measuring Success

We aim to deliver investment performance above inflation at a level which takes into account your appetite for risk. We also compare the performance of your portfolio against other relevant index-based benchmarks.

For us, success is adding real value to your investment over time and developing a relationship with you through the delivery of a personal and professional investment service.

Marcus BrooksDirector

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