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RMP Fund Range

Our Risk Managed Passive (RMP) range retains our approach to active selection of investments across asset classes.  However, the underlying investments are selected for the more cost conscious investor, prepared to compromise some of the richness of the asset allocation and invest into predominantly passive funds.

Add real value

For most investors, growing their portfolio value in real terms is their most important benchmark. Our goals are to add real value to our clients’ investment over the long term, targeting returns in excess of RPI.

Avoid artificial constraints

We have removed all artificial barriers that might restrict investment performance (such as strategic asset allocation framework) to ensure that our funds are ‘unconstrained’. Our investment team are free to invest in the asset classes that they believe will add most value for investors.

Manage risk 

Although the upper expected volatility limit of our funds will not be exceeded, we are not constrained by a lower volatility limit that might prevent us from taking appropriate defensive action for investors. We therefore manage expected risk below an upper limit, but have the freedom to be prudent.

Manage the funds actively

Markets do not move to a timetable. We continually review the RMP funds and actively manage the investments on a daily basis to reflect the mix of assets that we believe will add best value to investors

‘Value for Money’ approach

We access investments in a manner that provides our clients with the best value for money. Our RMP funds are designed for investors who wish to focus their selection on lower cost investments and are prepared to invest in fewer, more passive-style investments. 

High quality service

If your client is invested in our RMP range, we provide you with detailed reports for each fund including full asset allocation, our monthly Market Outlook, regular investment and trading updates and invitations to our interactive investment webinars.

Prices & KIIDs

Prices for the SVS Cornelian RMP Funds are published daily and full KIIDs for each fund are available to download in PDF format:

Prices & KIIDs

Intermediary Support Team

Our team of Intermediary Relationship Managers cover all areas of the UK and are here to help you:

Intermediary Support

Latest News

Find out about our latest News, Investment Outlook and Market Overview or view our Investment Webinar online:

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