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Managed Portfolio Service

The Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) is designed to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for you to access our discretionary services for your clients.  Under this arrangement you act as Agent for your client and instruct us on their behalf.  We then create a discretionary portfolio for your client invested by way of one of our Cornelian funds. Each of these funds is invested in a broad range of assets, each has its own investment objective and each has a specific upper risk limit. The funds provide your client with a similar spread of investment and the level of research and investment management that they would expect from a bespoke discretionary portfolio.

Focus on Real Value

The primary objective of your client's Managed Portfolio is to provide them with a positive real return over the long term (after inflation).  Each of the underlying funds has different targets aiming to exceed RPI by varying amounts, increasing as the risk in the funds increase.

Portfolio diversification

Our funds hold around fifty to sixty underlying investments. This reduces the stock specific risk in your client's portfolio and also increases the potential for returns through the use of a variety of asset classes and investment in a range of geographical regions.

Tax efficiency

There are no capital gains tax implications when we trade in the assets of the underlying fund in your client's portfolio. This means we can make changes to the holdings on investment grounds without being restricted by tax liabilities.

Managing Risk

A crucial part of any investment decision is how much risk an investor can afford and is willing to take.  Therefore, we aim to achieve the investment objectives whilst managing the amount of risk taken in each fund.  For that reason, we manage all of our funds below different risk limits.

Investment management efficiency

Your client's portfolio is invested in a fund structure. Withdrawals or additions do not disturb the balance of their portfolio and can be made efficiently and cost effectively at any time.

CGT Allowance Management

Should your client opt for this service, we will review their investments and seek to utilise as much of their annual CGT Allowance as is reasonably practicable while maintaining the risk profile of their portfolio. 

What we offer you:

  • Dedicated manager and named deputy to support your firm
  • Detailed periodic reports including performance commentary, reasons behind changes to your client's portfolio and performance of underlying holdings.
  • Year-end tax report 
  • Access to our dedicated online system ClientZone which gives you full details of your client's portfolio including their portfolio valuation (previous day’s closing price), reports and other relevant documents
  • Regular update emails informing you of all trading activity in the funds and latest Market Outlook
  • Monthly reports on each fund - showing fund and indices performance as well as fund asset allocation and full holdings listing
  • Invitations to join our Quarterly Investment Webinar

Next Steps

To discuss your requirements with us either in person, at a meeting or on the phone, or to open an Agency Agreement with us, please contact our Intermediary Support team.

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