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Market Comment  19/10/2016

October Investment Webinar - protecting our portfolios

In our latest quarterly Investment Webinar, Cornelian's Chief Investment Officer, Hector Kilpatrick explains why we believe it is too early to declare inflation dead and buried and demonstrates how we are protecting portfolios from this tail risk.

Market Comment  01/09/2017

Market Commentary - September 2017

During the three months to the end of August, the Conservatives returned to government without an overall majority in parliament and political developments in the United States began to call into question whether President Trump would be able to enact some of his growth promoting policies.

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Market Comment  01/08/2017

Market Commentary - August 2017

During the three months to end July, Sterling strengthened against the US Dollar despite the conservatives returning to government in June without an overall majority in parliament. Sterling weakened materially against the Euro as economic data releases in the Eurozone region surprised positively.

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