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Archived News  19/10/2018

Keeping your Data Secure

In this article, Iain Hay, Manager Compliance & Risk at Cornelian highlights procedures for data protection and cyber security and offers the top ten tips to keep your own information safe.

As Manager, Compliance & Risk at Cornelian, I am responsible for working with my colleagues to ensure Cornelian complies with the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority. This involves close collaboration with everyone in the firm, regular monitoring work and reporting to the Executive and the Board. I also deal with any formal complaints or data protection issues.

The scope of our regulatory compliance requirements, including regular FCA reporting is both broad and deep. Our Compliance Manual alone runs to some two hundred pages plus and we have many policies and detailed procedures across all areas of our business.  

In this issue of Asset, I would like to highlight some regulatory and risk areas that I hope will both be of interest and help to you.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. It was the most significant shake-up of data regulation since the 1998 Data Protection Act it replaced.  The new regulation provides additional rights and protections for you and reinforces responsibilities of those who manage your data. As Data Protection Officer for Cornelian, I am responsible for ensuring that all our data protection processes and procedures are fully compliant with the new regulation.  In addition, all our staff have undertaken training in GDPR and it is now embedded in our daily practices.  Our Privacy Policy, which explains fully how we manage data, what your rights are and how to let us know if you have any questions, can be accessed via our website at www.cornelianam.com/privacy-policy/


All FCA regulated entities require to have a Complaints Policy and procedures in place to explain how complaints are addressed. We hope, of course, that you will not have a need to use this process but if you do, you can be assured that we take any complaints extremely seriously.  You can find more information on our website at https://www.cornelianam.com/about-us/regulatory-disclosures/

Cyber safety

We are using technology increasingly in our day to day lives, particularly to manage our finances. Unfortunately, the perpetrators of cyber scams are becoming more and more ingenious in their methods of attack. All our staff undertake Cyber Security training to minimise the threat of Cyber-attack and below we share what we consider to be the top ten tips to keep your own information safe:

  • Always use strong passwords. Mix letters, numbers and other characters
  • Encrypt or lock sensitive data
  • Only use apps available in your device’s app store and keep them updated.
  • NEVER download apps from a browser
  • Think carefully before you click any links in text messages or emails
  • Always turn off WiFi when you aren’t using it or don’t need it
  • Don’t allow your device to auto-join unfamiliar WiFi networks
  • Don’t send or access sensitive information over WiFi unless you’re absolutely certain it’s a secure network
  • If you’re able to, disable automatic Bluetooth pairing and always turn off Bluetooth when it isn’t needed
  • NEVER save your login information when you’re using a web browser

If you have any concerns that your e-mail or details relating to your Cornelian account(s) might have been compromised, please let your usual contact know immediately.

Iain Hay
Manager, Compliance & Risk

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