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Archived News  19/09/2014

Referendum on Scottish Independence

Following the outcome of the Scottish Referendum vote, we would like to thank all our clients, professional advisers and supporters located throughout the UK for their continued support and understanding during the Scottish Referendum Campaign.

What next?

We know that all political parties are committed to devolving more taxation powers to the Scottish Government. This will inevitably take some time, but you have our assurance that we will take whatever action is needed to ensure that our investment strategy, our services and our systems support the tax regimes of our many clients throughout the UK including Scotland.

We regard ourselves as a UK company, based in Scotland and currently have no plans to make any changes to our location or organisation.

However, we will continue to monitor developments and will take whatever action is needed to continue to support all our clients.

Jeremy F Richardson
Chief Executive Officer

Archived News  15/03/2015

Cornelian launch new Income Fund

In response to demand, Cornelian Asset Managers, the Edinburgh-based investment house, have launched an income fund to sit within their multi-asset fund range.

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David Appleton

Archived News  08/08/2014

Exploring the merits of equities

The commercial incentive of investment banks to stimulate client trading activity through their analysts’ research and the ever more frequent updates by the companies themselves have combined to create a relentless narrative that is both time consuming to follow and often of questionable value.

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