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Trading Updates  06/10/2021

Trading Update - 6 October 2021

We have purchased the Amundi Prime Japan ETF across the Cornelian Risk Managed fund range.

This exchange traded fund is a ‘next generation’ passive product that offers ultra-low cost exposure to the Japanese stock market with very low tracking error vs traditional market benchmarks while also delivering improved sustainability characteristics by integrating ESG factors into the index design. The underlying index that the ETF replicates has been created by specialist index provider Solactive and formally excludes companies involved in the production or sale of controversial weapons such as anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions as well as chemical, biological or depleted uranium weapons.

Cornelian Investment Team

Trading Updates  02/03/2021

Trading Update - 1 March 2021

We have recently purchased Barclays plc and Vesuvius plc for the Risk Managed Funds.

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Trading Updates  27/02/2020

Trading Update - 27 February 2020

Further trades have taken place in the funds in February 2020.

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